Spring Pests

With the change of seasons, comes the changing cast of pests. For more information on these pests, check under the insect links. All of the following pests will have over wintered in your homes. These are some of the main culprits on the “pest parade” for the spring season.

PLEASE NOTE: Gypsy Moths & Tent Caterpillars-We do not treat for Gypsy Moths or Tent Caterpillars. You must contact a certified arborist for assistance with these pests.

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies start to appear in early March and will continue inside the house until the end of April.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps which over winter in your attics, walls and soffit areas become active with the first warm days of March, and activity continues on the outside of the house throughout the summer into late fall.

Boxelder Bugs

Box elder bugs start to appear on the first warm days in March. They disappear over the summer, but appear again in the fall looking for somewhere to overwinter. They will gather on the sunny sides of the house.

Pine Seed Bugs (Western Conifer Bugs)

Pine seed bugs also known as ‘stink bugs’ become active on the first warm days in March and continue into May.

Lady Bugs

Lady bugs start appearing in mid-March and continue well into May. They were more numerous in the fall of 2017, than they had been for at least the last 5 years. They started late fall after Thanksgiving.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can become active in early spring, sometimes even in January and February, and activity may continue well into late spring. Activity of these ants in the winter or spring before the snow melts indicates that the colony is located within the structure of the house.

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