Gypsy Moths

Believed to have been first introduced in Massachusetts in the 1860’s and has become widespread in the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada. Gypsy moths have been a major problem in the Golden Horseshoe for the past few years. Infestations have been so high that some municipalities have initiated an aerial spray program to try and … Continue reading Gypsy Moths

Longhorned Beetles

We have a number of native beetles that look similar to the Asian beetle and one in particular – the Whitespotted pine sawyer beetle looks quite similar   The Asian longhorned beetle has been getting a lot of attention. I have received a number of phone calls from people who think they have caught one … Continue reading Longhorned Beetles

Sap Beetles

Sap Beetles a.k.a Beer Bugs The scourge of the backyard barbecue and happy hour on the deck are insects commonly called ‘beer bugs’ or sometimes ‘picnic bugs’. These pests seem to love beer and other beverages and happily dive bomb into waiting glasses. Beer bugs are small beetles belonging to a larger group called Sap … Continue reading Sap Beetles

Snow Fleas

Snow fleas live underneath and on top of the snow. They will sometimes be found in tremendous numbers When people listen to the winter message on my answering machine and hear me say that I am out chasing snow fleas, they are skeptical often suspecting that I am suffering from cabin fever. There is in … Continue reading Snow Fleas