House Mouse

The house mouse is usually dusky gray with a semi-naked tail The house mouse (Mus musculus) which infers ‘little thief’ is the most common of the numerous types of mice that we may encounter in our homes and businesses.The house mouse is usually dusky gray with a semi-naked tail which is about as long as … Continue reading House Mouse

Field Mice

V is for Voles There are a number of four legged furry rodents that can invade our gardens and sometimes homes and voles, also called meadow mice, are one of them. Not to be confused with moles which are not rodents, voles are the main culprits that girdle small trees, shrubs and fruit trees. They … Continue reading Field Mice

Deer Mice

Deer mice are mostly a nuisance pest, causing problems similar to other mice Deer mice are commonly encountered in rural and suburban homes near fields and wooded areas as well as cottages, outbuildings and sheds. In homes they often end up in garages and attics. They are usually referred to as deer mice or white-footed … Continue reading Deer Mice


Rats, Rats as big as Alley Cats… Well, not quite. Rat stories are like fish stories, they get bigger with the passing of time. In fact, a large rat would weigh about 500gms (1lb) and be 45cm (17 in) long from nose to tip of tail.The common rat in Ontario is the Norway rat which … Continue reading Rats